"My wife and I are extremely satisfied clients of Marsha Finkelstein of It's Reigning Cats-N-Dogs for her extraordinary dog walking/training services.

We met Marsha a few months ago when we had our initial consultation. During the consultation, my wife and I were extremely Embarrassed of our dog's hyper whining behavior - it was clear that our Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix was not getting the amount of exercise that she needed. We were nervous that her first walk wouldn't go very well because our dog is very timid around new people coming into our house. As predicted, when Marsha first came into my home when we were out, my dog started incessantly barking for 10 minutes and running around the house. Marsha persisted and used her experience and animal care specialist training to calm her down. After that first visit, Marsha quickly became my dog's best friend. My wife and I immediately noticed a change in our dog after the walks with Marsha. Sometimes we don't even recognize this new calm, sleepy dog that we have. It has been the best investment we've made for our family.

Marsha's rates are reasonable and comparable to the rates of other dog walking services in the area. We currently can only afford shorter walks Mondays through Fridays, but Marsha has shared pictures with us of our dog walking all the way at Winter Island, so I know that she isn't strictly limiting the time of the walk. Marsha has been 100% reliable and always responsive to email, text and phone call communications. She provides updates as to any changes in our dog's health (e.g. the time our dog had a sneezing fit). Marsha is also very flexible about changes to our weekly schedule for vacations.

I cannot praise Marsha's services enough."

Jesse G. ~ Salem, MA


"When my family was going to Florida for a week, I knew my older boy, Rudy was not going to make it in a kennel. I had met Marsha at a pet expo and thankfully saved her number. She was devoted and responsible. She took excellent care of my two dogs and my granddog. She would sit and stay with them for hours after walking them so they wouldn't be lonely. If it hadn't been for Marsha, my family would not have been able to go on vacation."

Marilyn C. ~ Revere, MA.

"Our dogs Lexie and Ellie love Marsha. She walks them regularly and when we went away, she stayed at our house. The dogs were very happy and everything in our home was in perfect condition. It was such a relief to know our dogs were so well cared for."

Deborah W. ~ Beverly, MA

"I have used the dog services provided by "It's Reigning Cats-n-Dogs!" on numerous occasions.  Aside from the customer service that Marsha offers, she is always delighted to work with my sweet Sophie.  Sophie feels loved and adored while with Marsha.  Sophie also has a full day planned of exercise, play time, and snooze time.  I would recommend "It's Reigning Cats-n-Dogs!" if you're looking for doggie/kitty day-care or an overnight stay."

Erika C. ~ Swampscott, MA

"Marsha is reliable, hard-working, and communicative.  I travel pretty frequently and never have to worry about my cats when I'm away.  I couldn't ask for a better petsitter."

040Lewis B. ~ Salem, MA